5 years around the Arctic Pole to better understand the human impact on the oceans

The expedition in brief

Launched in 2020, the Arctic Expedition 2020-2024 is a 5-year tour of the Arctic Ocean.

With its pioneering “Arctic Change” program, its main scientific objective is to continuously monitor greenhouse gas concentrations in this region, which is particularly sensitive to climate change. With its multi-disciplinary and inclusive approach, the expedition is keen to include scientific and cultural projects with the inhabitants of the countries it crosses.

In 2023, Pacifique will complete the Northwest Passage for the first time, integrating a range of scientific programs and the “Beyond Her Horizons” project.

In 2024, Pacifique completes its polar expedition by preparing for a second crossing of the Northwest Passage in the opposite direction: from Alaska to Greenland.

This expedition takes place within the framework of the Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) proclaimed by the United Nations in 2017.

**In 2022, Pacifique is suspending the Arctic expedition to insure the ” Jeunes en mer ” program and settle insurance details.

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Tracking the sailboat

Follow live the position of the boat Que Sera during the Arctic expedition.

In 2020, the boat Mauritius will make a first warm-up run along the coasts of Europe, Svalbard, the east coast of Greenland and Iceland.
In 2021, the expedition resumes, heading for Greenland. Sailing in the Baffin Sea to latitude 75°N. The boat winters from November to June 2022 in the community of Qeqertarsuaq on Disko Island.
In 2022, the expedition was suspended (details in the official press release) and the boat Mauritius returned to more southerly latitudes, while the scientific, socio-educational and artistic programmes continued.

In 2023, the expedition will resume aboard the boat Que Sera, a more suitable platform for undertaking the Northwest Passage. The boat plans to reach the Kodiak Islands in Alaska.

The sailboat

Pacifique has 20 years’ experience in leading oceanographic expeditions around the world with sailing boats. As logistical platforms, they can travel the oceans to carry out scientific missions or cultural programmes.

Its boats are regularly chartered by researchers and scientific organisations to help them better understand the impact of human activity on the oceans and to raise public awareness of the challenges of sustainable development.

It is delighted to be associated with these institutions by providing the logistical support needed to ensure the smooth running of these scientific programmes.

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