“Dans le miroir de Magellan”

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Published in October 2019 by Slatkine in Geneva, Dans le miroir de Magellan, le rétrécissement du monde retraces in texts, maps and exclusive illustrations the four and a half years of the human adventure that was The Ocean Mapping Expedition, a round-the-world voyage aboard the 33-meter Swiss sailboat Fleur de Passion in the wake of Magellan led by the Pacifique Foundation some 500 years after the first circumnavigation.

Composed of short and colorful stories and testimonies from the many people who took part in the expedition – crew members, scientists, teenagers from the Youth at Sea socio-educational program, passengers, etc, The book takes us to the heart of the adventure in large chronological and geographical chapters that allow us to relive, between ocean crossings and coastal sailing, human and animal encounters, closed-door meetings on board and animated stopovers in the four corners of the Earth, this formidable long-distance journey and its various facets mixing science, education and culture.

With the participation of artists :

Zep, Matthieu Berthod, Tom Tirabosco, Wazem, Peggy Adam, Isabelle Pralong, Ambroise Héritier, Pierre Baumgart, Alex Baladi, Mirjana Farkas, Maurane Mazars, Cécile Koepfli, Aloys Lolo, Amélie Strobino, Frederick Peeters, Katharina Kreil, Anton Kannemeyer, Anne Bory, Kati Rickenbach, Renata Martino.

The publication received the 2019 Tabarly Prize honorable mention.

10 in stock



Prefaced by author and social entrepreneur Nicole Schwab, accompanied by maps and appendices, this 240-page chronicle of the expedition, its moments of doubt, tension, but also of wonder and exaltation, is magnificently illustrated by a large selection of drawings, sketches and other watercolors made by the 20 artists – 10 women and 10 men equally – who embarked “in residence” throughout the world tour.

In a game of comparison between Magellan’s expedition and today’s expedition, between human impact on the oceans, sustainable development issues and the spirit of living together on a boat thought of as a metaphor for our planet Earth, the book is a bittersweet but hopeful account of this wonderful human experience that was The Ocean Mapping Expedition. It is also an invitation to reflection and awareness to think about the world of tomorrow – Pacifique!

Technical data Format: vertical 195x260mm
Pagination: 240 pages
Print run: 2000 copies
Language: French

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