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L’aventure “Sillages” commence !

First issue of the poetic and drawn publication that retraces the Pacifique expeditions.

From Douarnenez in Brittany in the middle of a pandemic to the wild coasts of Svalbard in Norway, plunge into the heart of this first year on board the sailing ship Mauritius, which is embarking on a 5-year odyssey around the Arctic Circle.

The artists who contributed to “Sillages” 1 :

Pierre Baumgart, Matthieu Berthod, Ambroise Héritier, Katharina Kreil, Pierre Wazem, Ahmed Tawfik, Eugène

With the contribution of :

Laura Drompt

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“Sillages” is an artistic publication of the Makaline and Pacifique Association which retraces the oceanographic expeditions carried out on board the sailing ships Mauritius and Fleur de Passion.

Imagined by a collective of three artists gathered under the name of Association Makaline, the project consists of a series of annual publications in five volumes gathering authors with singular voices in the fields of drawing and travel literature.

Through various narrative approaches (poetic, fictional or documentary), the project is designed to bring together artists, sailors, young people in disarray, scientists and local populations, in order to bring a different perspective on contemporary issues, while testifying to the multiple questions related to the ecological challenges of the 21st century.

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