Pacifique offers the scientific community the chance to carry out programmes of short or long-term duration aboard its boats, which are veritable floating laboratories.


Measuring greenhouse gases

Developed and conducted in partnership with the University of Geneva, the pioneering “Arctic Change” program aims to continuously monitor methane and carbon dioxide concentrations in the air and water in the context of global warming.


« Data on the Arctic is dramatically lacking, so everything we collect there will be of great value for the global databases. We will thus transpose to this region of the world the pilot program we conducted around half the globe in the framework of the previous expedition. »

Prof. Daniel McGinnis,
Head of the Aquatic Physics Group, Faculty of Sciences, University of Geneva


Meso- and microplastic pollution

Implemented in partnership with the Swiss association Oceaneye, the Micromegas program consists of regular sampling of surface water to assess the content of meso and microplastic pollutants.

Micromegas echantillons ©Arnaud Conne-fondation pacifique

Photo credit : Arnaud Conne


« Our partnership with the Arctic Expedition will provide us with new data that will contribute to understanding the distribution and transport mechanisms of plastic waste in this region. »

Pascal Hagmann,
EPFL engineer, founder of Oceaneye


Study of mangroves on the River Gambia

The mission promotes academic cooperation between the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland / Swansea University, United Kingdom and the GREAT Institute, as well as training new generations of Gambian students in oceanographic research on the study of the mangroves of the River Gambia.

Previous programmes

Find out more about the scientific missions carried out in recent years aboard the boats Mauritius and Fleur de Passion.