Two young people on Fleur de Passion

At the end of January, the scientific mission comes to an end. Jade and Jayson join the Fleur de Passion sailboat as part of the “Jeunes en mer” socio-educational program.

They come aboard on the calm waters of the Bintang Bolong. After a few zodiac outings in the meandering river and mangrove swamps, the whole crew gets back to work. While the sailors check the rigging, the youngsters get down to sanding and staining.
At the end of the afternoon, a well-placed landing net spotted a jellyfish.

The next day, the crew has the chance to go ashore to visit the Bintang school. No fewer than 654 pupils aged from 4 to 13 are taught here. There’s even a “school” vegetable garden. These exchanges will leave our two youngsters with some wonderful memories.

The crew are now on their way to Banjul and are busy getting Fleur de Passion ready to leave for Casamance.

Photo: Pacifique – Anja von Senger