After a year’s suspension, the Arctic expedition is back on course with the same objective: to explore the Arctic Ocean, cross the Northwest Passage and continue to carry out multidisciplinary projects with our partners.

In order to continue its missions, Pacifique is continuing the expedition on another sailboat better suited to the Pole. To guarantee the continuity of the socio-educational project “Jeunes en Mer”, the sailboat Mauritius will supplement Fleur de Passion.

Geneva, May 05, 2023 – Engaged since 2020 in “The Arctic Expedition” aboard the sailboat Mauritius, a 24-meter steel schooner, Pacifique is continuing its polar expedition aboard another more adapted sailboat: the Que Sera, a 16-meter aluminum monohull.


More profiled for arctic navigations, the sailboat is put at the disposal of Pacifique in order to continue the expedition initiated two years earlier. On board, the scientific and artistic missions continue in accordance with our commitments.
Greenhouse gas measurements will continue throughout the voyage. This pioneering program is conducted in collaboration with Prof. Dan McGinnis of the Forel Institute of the University of Geneva. The artist residencies dedicated to the publication “Sillages” are maintained to continue the work of raising awareness about this particularly fragile region.

This year, Pacifique is pleased to welcome on board the “Beyond her Horizons” project. A women’s polar expedition that takes place in the Northwest Passage. The voyage aims to document and honor the untold stories of Inuit and Canadian women in the history of Arctic exploration. A scientific mission will be led by one of the initiators as part of this project from Pond Inlet to the Beaufort Sea.

For 20 years, Pacifique has been promoting the values of civic engagement in favor of education, a better understanding of the human impact on our oceans and the sharing of experience through its sailing vessels. Convinced of the need to continue its missions around the Arctic Pole, a region that is particularly sensitive to climate change, Pacifique is doing everything in its power to continue its Arctic expedition with its partners and maintain its human commitments.

The socio-educational program “Jeunes en Mer” (Youth at Sea) is provided by the Mauritius and thanks to the upcoming return of Fleur de Passion to navigation. The Mauritius is currently sailing up the coast of Canada to meet its successor in Saint John’s, a city located on the island of Newfoundland in Canada. She will then head for more southern waters. Fleur de Passion will return to the sea in the summer of 2023. We are still looking for optimal insurance coverage for both boats.

Pacifique has come out of this year grown, surrounded and strengthened with new skills and knowledge that are real assets for the continuation of her adventures.

We would like to thank our loyal supporters, partners, sponsors and members for their unfailing confidence, without which nothing would be possible.

The Pacifique team



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