Incredible landscapes

The Que Sera team continues to sail down the Alaskan Peninsula. Candy, second in command, reports on the last few days of sailing:

“Back to Kodiak, the “city”, after the 10-day tour of the island. Fewer bears than expected, but still a few. Some good weather, some rain and we ended up with some drizzle. We visited a few villages with very few inhabitants. Here, there’s either too much wind or too little. So a lot of motoring and a bit of sailing. The wildlife is magnificent, it’s like being in Disney: puffins, otters, sea lions, eagles, deer, it’s so beautiful. All in all, it’s very wet and windy, so we’re keeping our merinos and hats on!

The day before yesterday, Que Sera headed for False Pass then Nome after a crew rotation. It is now made up of Émilien, the skipper, Marion and Megan as sailors, Marco for the “young people at sea” program, Tom Golaz, video educator, and finally Fanny Kopp @fannykgravures , artist.

Photo: Candy Aeschlimann