A good half over!

On August 19, the crew covered the last few nautical miles to Cambridge Bay. On the way, a detour is made to visit the wreck of HMS Erebus, lying at a depth of 11 meters. Too much chop. The sea doesn’t reveal the silhouette of the famous 19th-century Royal Navy ship. After this excursion, it’s back to sailing. To end on a high note, the headwind shifted to the beam and the sailing boat Que Sera made good speed. Pere, the skipper, takes the opportunity to hand over to Antoine, the captain of the next half of this year’s Arctic expedition.

On August 21, it’s done. The team docked in the community of Cambridge Bay (Iqaluktuuttiaq). It took 1 month to reach the Inuit community from Qeqertarsuaq in Greenland. A good part of the north-west passage is done, but there’s still the Beaufort Sea and its vagaries to contend with. Well done to the team!

All flights to Cambridge Bay are cancelled due to the raging fires around Yellowknife. The crew rotation has been postponed, and Que Sera is continuing on to Tuktoyaktuk.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!