On 21 June, Que Sera left the port of Lewisporte on the island of Newfoundland. On board, skipper Pere is accompanied by Léa and Thibaut as sailors. The boat began its journey, winding its way between the many islands, bays and capes that dot the north of the Canadian island. A large low-pressure system descended from the north. The crew stopped alongside the small community of Cottlesville and let the storm pass. Hours turned into days.

Back to calm. The crossing of the Labrador Sea began in pouring rain, but soon gave way to fine weather and an oily sea. What a surprise to see a group of Northern bottlenose whales come to greet the boat! For several days, they accompanied the crew, communicating with their familiar breaths and chirps. These cetaceans, somewhere between whales and dolphins, are still little-known. Although they were once on the brink of extinction due to hunting, they are still particularly sensitive to climate change, which threatens to disrupt their ecosystems.

The end of the ascent goes smoothly. A few icebergs appear on the horizon here and there. The crew soon reached Disko Bay and Qeqertarsuaq.

Back to the 2022 wintering ground, more than a year after leaving the community aboard Mauritius. A few firecrackers to announce the return of the Pacifique team and Pere, Léa and Thibaut are immediately invited for the confirmation of Maritha’s grown-up daughter. A very warm reunion in traditional dress. What an honour!

The crew is set to expand over the next few days with the arrival of a new member, a student from the University of Geneva for the “Arctic Change” programme, and illustrator Katharina Kreil, for the “Sillages” publication. The Arctic expedition continues!

Photos: Pacifique – Léa Dillard