Return journey to Mauritius

We've come full circle (well, almost...) Last sail and end of stay for our three young people aboard the Mauritius. The sailing boat leaves Halifax for the island of Newfoundland. "The place where the fog is born". The chapter in Farley Mowat's book* is aptly named. The crew is sailing in a fog [...]

2023-07-13T16:42:40+02:003 July 2023|

Mauritius on the doorstep of Greenland

A stormy crossing Soan, Alexia and Angelo have already been aboard the Mauritius for 1 month. Our three young people from the socio-educational program are moored up and ready to head for Canada. After two weeks at anchor in Saint George's Bay, a weather window is opening up. No low-pressure system in sight [...]

2023-07-13T16:43:40+02:008 June 2023|

A break in Bermuda before heading north

After 10 days in Bermuda, on our way north. At the end of April, three new young people join the Mauritius as part of the "Jeunes en mer" socio-educational program. It's a rough crossing between the Bahamas and Bermuda. In the wheelhouse, the watch teams work on their balance. Wedging the pots and [...]

2023-06-11T14:53:15+02:0018 May 2023|

Through sargassum

After a well-deserved rest and a change of crew, Mauritius continues on its way. Khaled, Émilien and Mathieu are back at the helm as sailors. Else and Marion, respectively sailor and volunteer educator, continue the adventure with our three young people still on board. Once the skippers had passed the baton, Mauritius left [...]

2023-06-11T14:49:13+02:0019 March 2023|

Arrival in the Antilles

An ocean further on... "Land in sight! These are the first words to be heard on deck after 19 days on the open sea. Just over 2,100 nautical miles (around 3,900 kilometers) separate Cape Verde from the Antilles. The crew dropped anchor on Sunday February 26 in the port of Le Marin, south [...]

2023-06-09T01:33:57+02:003 March 2023|

Transatlantic journey coming soon

Some 2700 nautical miles further on. This morning, the Mauritius left Dakar for Cape Verde to begin its next transatlantic voyage. Aboard the yacht: Anouchka, Adam, Edouard and Paolo joined Mathieu as part of the "Jeunes en Mer" socio-educational program. It's the start of an unforgettable sailing experience for the five young people. [...]

2023-06-09T01:28:14+02:0031 January 2023|

A sunny end to the year for Mauritius

From the Arctic night to the radiant sun of Senegal Mauritius will be spending the festive season in a completely different climate to 2021. Arriving late on the night of December 12, the crew anchored in Hann Bay, opposite Dakar, for the end of the year. On board, several artists - Ambroise Héritier [...]

2023-06-09T00:25:59+02:0020 December 2022|

Soon in Cape Verde

A lot has happened on the Mauritius since the Canaries. After the arrival of two new young people, Sariem and Esteban, and a change in the sailors' team at the end of October, a few days mooring were in order. As usual, periods of coastal sailing are always an opportunity to combine sailing [...]

2023-06-09T00:15:50+02:0022 November 2022|

Day ashore in Fuerteventura

While anchored south of Fuerteventura, some of the crew went ashore for a day. This was an opportunity for the young people to visit the "Morro Jable Sea Turtle Recovery and Conservation Center", which is working to reintroduce several species of turtle to the Spanish island, including the Loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta), now [...]

2023-06-09T00:09:05+02:0023 October 2022|

From Portimao to the Canaries

From Portimão to the Canaries. Six days of sailing between Portugal and the Canaries after the Mauritius sailboat left the shipyard. It was a first offshore experience for Issaga and Rodrigo, the two newcomers to the "Jeunes en Mer" program. The conditions were ideal, despite a beam swell and 2.50 m high waves [...]

2023-06-09T00:25:46+02:0016 October 2022|


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