A stormy crossing

Soan, Alexia and Angelo have already been aboard the Mauritius for 1 month. Our three young people from the socio-educational program are moored up and ready to head for Canada. After two weeks at anchor in Saint George’s Bay, a weather window is opening up. No low-pressure system in sight for the 750-nautical-mile voyage ahead.

Very soon after the start, the swell hit the boat. Forward, backward, forward, backward. Without interruption, the boat swings like a pendulum. The headwind made sailing difficult, and the crew had to use the engine to keep going. On a particularly blustery night, only the four sailors kept the navigation watches. The rest of the crew succumbed to seasickness.

Calm (or almost). With two days to go to the finish, the swell drops in intensity, giving the Mauritius a little respite. The boat continues to pitch, but with less amplitude. Soan starts making pancakes. The jib, staysail and foresail are hoisted. Secretly, the team works on preparations for sailor Mathieu’s 30th birthday. A garland of little words decorates the wheelhouse windows as the yacht slowly arrives in Halifax.

The navigation was expected to be difficult, but it lived up to its promise. Despite this, the general atmosphere remained very good. The three young people are more committed than ever to life on board and manoeuvres. Well done to all, next stop: St John’s on the island of Newfoundland.